" They said it was a bad Idea to put a satellite in the path of the moon. I said don't worry space force will handle it. They then told me I couldn't destroy the moon so, we did the next best thing. In the end there may have been some complications."
- Space Force CEO Jeff Jefferson during testimony of Space Force being accused of destroying the moon.

Left mouse Button - Left Flipper
Right Mouse Button - Right Flipper

Moon flipper is a simple game I've made for Mini Jam 24. It's my first "Complete" game, and first game jam. I've struggled a long time to finish anything so it's nice that this is pretty done.

Made for Mini Jam 24!

Theme: Space

Limitation: Mouse Input Only

Made using Unity

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


MoonFlipper_MiniJamBuild.zip 22 MB


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Haha, cool concept!
Make the countdown a little short or not at all.. It's a little long to wait every time you did, which is often ;)
Highscore - 11!!!!!


Watch MINI JAM 24 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv


Well done for finishing. The graphics are well done, as is the sound. It's frustrating as hell to play though! Make another one.